Moments of Life

Moments of Life – Der Übertitel meiner Video Projekte. Neben dem Biken gibt es hier eine volle Schippe Natur zu bestaunen. Um wirklich immer top aktuell auf Stand zu sein, lasst ihr besser ein Abo auf meinem Youtube Kanal da.


Bikepark Willingen

A fun day with our friends at Willingen Bikepark.
Riding the DH line for the second time and becoming more and more confident with it.

Road gap will come in soon 😀

Juni 27, 2021

Fun with puppy

It´s important to have your GoPro always with you. Only in this way it´s possible to capture the most and the best moments.

Especially by having a puppy it´s important to take as much shots as you can get. They are growing this fast! After a few months it´s not a puppy anymore. But never mind… Also grown dogs are funny to capture 😉

Juni 27, 2021

Get out there to have a ride

My first edit. Just playing around with the GoPro, using my training ride for some cool footage.

Came pretty close to the two swans :). They were only a little bit aggresive^^

Juni 21, 2020